DigiScoped Videos

These videos were taken by Alyn Chambers with a Pentax Optio M20 attached to an Opticron ES80 ED scope with a homemade adapter.


Purple Sandpiper

Corsewall Point (12th December 2010)


Peregrine Falcon

Wigtown Harbour (8th December 2010)


Sandwich Tern

Wig Bay (6th November 2010)


Green-winged Teal

Wigtown Harbour (23rd October & 3rd November 2010)


Eurasian Teal in moult

Wigtown Harbour (19th October 2010)


Blue-winged Teal?

Wigtown Harbour (18th October 2010)


Lesser Scaup

Bishopburn, Loch Ryan (16th October 2010)


Spotted Redshank

Bishopburn, Loch Ryan (13th October 2010)


Iceland Gull

Soleburn, Loch Ryan (8th October 2010)


Grey Plover

Wig Bay (5th October 2010)



Wig Bay (3rd October 2010)


Sabine's Gull

Wigtown Harbour (22nd September 2010)


Leach's Storm-petrel

Corsewall Point (14th September 2010)

Bishopburn, Stranraer (17th September 2010)


Great Skua

Corsewall Point (12th September 2010)


Curlew Sandpiper

Wig Bay (9th September 2010)



Wigtown Harbour (25th August 2010)


Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Wig Bay (22nd & 24th August 2010)



Dumfries & Galloway (August - September 2010)


Falcon species

Wigtown Harbour (9th August 2010)



(6th August 2010)



Corsewall Point (27th July 2010)


Little Grebe

Wigtown Harbour (26th July & 8th September 2010)


Marsh Harrier

Leighton Moss (14th July 2010)


Mediterranean Gulls

Dumfries & Galloway (July - September 2010)



Wigtown Harbour (1st July 2010)


Wigtown Harbour

(30th June & 13th August 2010)